PVC Wall Panels to Coordinate Wall and Ceiling Panels

Published: 14th April 2011
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High quality paneling systems give businesses of all sizes a reliable and economical choice when building and renovating commercial structures.

Nuform Direct makes wall paneling systems that are cost effective, durable, lightweight and very low maintenance.

Their systems are designed to make it easy to coordinate wall and ceiling panels. For example the RELINETM products are well suited for use on projects using the CONFORMTM concrete wall forming system. The ceiling panels can easily be fastened to a truss ceiling or to the walls that are already in place. The 12" panels are available in standard lengths and are fastened using an interlocking slotted system. No adhesive is required. This makes for ease of installation as well as a smooth finished appearance. Detailed, easy to follow installation instructions are provided.

When temperature changes cause structural elements expand and contract the panels move right along with them. There are no problems with warping, corrosion or rusting of the wall panels and they never need painting.

In addition to being virtually maintenance free, there are other factors that make Nuform Direct wall panels a preferred choice. The CONFORMTM concrete wall forming system makes for fast and economical construction of very durable buildings for poultry, dairy, or hog farming use regardless of the climate. The prefinished walls have superior qualities of insulation and ease of cleaning which makes for improved sanitation and energy cost savings.

The same patented system is good for use in vehicle wash projects. The walls can stand up to the strong chemical cleansers better than the fiber-reinforced panels that are often used in those settings. The finished surface adds brightness to interiors. Vinyl graphics can be used for decorative elements if additional color is desired.

Nuform Direct is committed to sustainability and environmentally sound practices. The company uses recycled materials in manufacturing their products and all the items they produce can be recycled. Their wall panels are designed to support improved indoor air quality by having a high resistance to mold and mildew as well as low emissions of volatile organic compounds. They offer an eco-friendly cleaner for polymer wall panels.

These wall systems reduce a building's carbon footprint through the increased energy efficiency of reduced costs for heating and cooling. In addition to economic savings this also cuts down on the emission of greenhouse gases.

There are also trim accessories available, including baseboard, crown moulding, and corners, as well as concrete and wood screw fasteners. Nuform Direct provides a series engineering, design, technical, and construction guides that give all specs and information that might be needed to plan a project using their wall panel systems.

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